Meg must carry on her studies.

Lar predicted it.


You're such a couch potato.

I can be impartial.

What is your favorite word to express that something is great?

He was heartbroken.

She again told tales out of school.


The rumor turned out to be true.

It was rainy that day.

This material isn't elastic enough.

Tandy has agreed to go with you.

They're all good.

Kyung asked Marsh to lunch.

A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other.

The landlord told me a cock and bull story about why we didn't have heat for three days.

Rub two sticks together to get the fire started.

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Les isn't himself today.


He felt severe pain in his back and legs.

Who broke thirteen test tubes, three volumetric flasks and a pipette in the laboratory?

Edward has no problem with that.

He fell a victim to a deadly disease.

I think they should repeal that law.

Miltos is a strange kid.

He went out without a hat.

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I don't have any kids.

I forgot to ask.

You need more experience for this job.

I really need to talk with you.

She is said to be in hospital now.


My mother doesn't care for our neighbor very much.

A man cannot be made in a mold.

We will separate our home's large land equally for our children.

He studies hard every day.

Jean-Christophe abandoned the hope of becoming an actor.

Bring and Buy: an informal sale, often conducted for charity, to which people bring items for sale and buy those that others have brought

You're a real pain in the ass.

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Mr Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to.

We need you here.

I only meant to do what was best.

Telugu is spoken in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

After you've had some tea, carry on practising.


Please give me your picture so I don't forget how you look.


Let's check for head-lice.

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They're weak.

Did you draw that?

She may be proud of her daughter.

Would you like me to help you?

Hunter may come.


Arlene said he takes a walk every day.

She first came into contact with Japanese culture last year.

I'm confused. What do I do now?

These goods are in great demand.

Read it. I recall, you protested quite virtuously the fact that the lojbanologists had discussions in English.


Why are you sleeping?


Lay it all on the table.

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He is displeased at her rude behavior.

I'm surprised you remember me.

I am serious about music.

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He ruined his clothes.

I didn't expect such a nasty response to my question.

We love each other, but we don't make love anymore.

I don't really have any plans.

Here is a weekly magazine.

We die whether we make money or not.

Kerry told me that he loves me.

I think it's a serious problem.

That's much more important.


I always unite those two.

He is watching TV now.

I convinced him that he was wrong.

Sir let me sleep in.

Galileo did not invent the telescope.


I am used to sitting up late.

Turkey is closing all the check-points of its border with Syria.

I told Suresh who he should talk to.

If you get into difficulties, don't hesitate to ask for advice.

He is a man of his word.


This is the bar where I drank my first beer.

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The soldier raised the flag.


Brender said he had a stomachache and left the room.


Can you come over tonight?

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Would you please sit down?


This clock seems to be broken.

I returned home from Boston yesterday.

All in all, after ten years of searching, my friend got married to a girl from the Slantsy region.

Will you type this, please?

She doesn't talk much.


Could you please tell Plastic that I need to see him?

Will you wait a second?

People lived in villages.

I had to wait for Isabelle's reply for a long time, but it was worth it.

There won't be any need to do that.


The results did not fulfil his hopes.

There is a very old temple in the town.

I know some really funny jokes. Want to hear one?

How are we feeling today?

The food was decent.

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Minors can't come in here.

She was kissed by him.

The vase that he broke is my aunt's.

The two teams were tied at the finish.

Carlos Slim is the world's second richest person.

Shel is a formidable woman.

I have good eyesight.

Don't tell Fletcher I chickened out, OK?

I haven't quite figured that out yet.

She goes to market every day to buy things.

Brooke was deeply moved by what Saumya said.

She got angry with us.

I took care of it.

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That garage has room for two automobiles.

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Doesn't Lievaart take care of all this stuff now?


I know that Giovanni was right.

The only one who knows for sure is Kerry.

Her fingers hooked around a juniper trunk, and with her other hand she reached high and found purchase among the stone knobs at the top.


I like Kenshin Uesugi.

Has he become able to speak English?

Lindsay told Roberto she was beautiful.

His grandfather used to say to him: "Arthur, you're good for nothing."

Cheesecake is my favorite cake.

How much money do you make?

Devon and Laurel have gone to Australia.

Much water is needed.

Of all places to meet you!

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If Henry doesn't surrender, shoot him.


Mr Briggs is not a doctor, he is a vet.

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Don't forget to call me up tonight.

Trust me. You don't want that.

The climbers were brought off by the rescue party.

Himawan is a rabbi.

They must have failed through lack of enthusiasm.

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The bells chimed as the couple left the church.

It's my turn to roll the dice.

He resembles his father.

Nothing is as important as compassion.

Your work is not altogether satisfactory.


Something might fall on you, so be careful.


Kate looked through the small window in the door.

He said: "Leave me in peace!"

Is that gun loaded?


He has a good son to his credit.

Daren has become rich.

Jane is to teach our students from next week.


I do not have money with me at the moment.

She scarcely goes out except on business.

He met with a traffic accident and had a narrow escape from death.

Hey pal. I just want to help you.

Let me introduce you to my wife.

Animals act on instinct.

Sometimes he's happy, sometimes melancholic.

This has been good.

It's a lifetime commitment.

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I don't need a loan anymore.

When did the error occur?

I think most of it's true.

Terri seems like a very nice guy.

His selfish attitude put my back up.

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If you want to grow up, you have to drink a lot of milk.

I just came here to congratulate you.

He patted me on the shoulder.